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Gergo Borlai is a monster drummer, and composer from Budapest, Hungary. His latest album titled, "The Missing Song" is an original tribute album dedicated to influential drummers that have inspired Gergo. All the song titles are named after nine chosen famous drummers. All songs composed and arranged by Gergo Borlai except “Terry” composed and arranged by Alex Machacek. "The Missing Song" will surely inspire many drummers and musicians just as Gergo's influences have inspired him.

The album features nine legendary bass players, with a different one on each track, including Stu Hamm, Gary Willis, Hadrien Feraud, Jimmy Haslip, Anton Davidyants, Jimmy Earl, Pete Griffin, Anthony Crawford, and Romain Labaye. 

Borlai has appeared on more than a 500 albums, received two lifetime achievement awards and two "gold record awards," as well as the Golden Drumstick Prize and the Artisjus Lifetime Achievement Award. Besides being a band member and session/studio musician of world renown productions and with Grammy awarded musicians, Gergo also became a clinician/educator all over the globe. 

Some of the names Gergo has performed and recorded all over the planet: Gary Willis (USA), Jimmy Haslip (USA), Scott Kinsey (USA), Jeff Lorber (USA), Scott Henderson (USA), Nathan East (USA), Dean Brown (USA), Vinnie Moore(USA), Jeff Beal (USA), Matthew Garrison (USA), Tom Scott (USA), Bob Mintzer (USA), Hiram Bullock (USA), L. Shankar (India), Tony McAlpine (USA), Vernon Reid (USA), Terry Bozzio (US), Al DiMeola (USA), Hadrien Feraud (F), Yolanda Charles (GB).

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