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2022 Detroit Bass Day Flyer

Detroit Bass Day 2022 is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Motown hit “Papa was a Rollin’ Stone”. Originally performed by The Undisputed Truth, it was popularized by The Temptations in 1972 who charted the song as a number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong, this stirring song about family responsibility resonated with American audiences who propelled it to the top of the Billboard pop charts. 

Detroit Bass Day 2022 will take place on Saturday, August 27th. Monumentally, It will be the first live performance at the newly renovated Motown outdoor stage. 

The annual Detroit Bass Players photo, which brings hundreds of bass players of all styles, genres, ages and skill levels together from the motor city and entire midwest to gather in front of the Motown Museum since 2012, will take place at noon. By 10am Bass Players and family members begin to show off their basses and mingle while also enjoying the Bass Day discounted tours of the recently updated Motown Museum. 

Following the photo will be a 50 bass player tribute performance of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”, lead by famed Detroit Bass Player & MD, Kern Brantley ( Lady Gaga; Beyoncé; Puff Daddy and more). University of Michigan School of Social Work is the sponsor of "The Papa Was" Spoken Word Segment 

That’s right!!! FIFTY BASS PLAYERS in time at the same time, playing homage and honoring the Detroit Motown sound that continues to influence and captivate the world today. Detroit Bass Day 2022 is definitely going rumble through the streets of the motor city and create a vibe that will be felt world wide. Join us as we celebrate Detroit’s rich musical legacy while making musical history. 

This event is designed for all and should not be missed! 

A LITTLE HISTORY In 2013, world-renowned Detroit Bass Player Kern Brantley (, was inspired to host the first Detroit Bass Day. In collaboration with The Detroit Bass Players, his late sister and co-founder Yvonne Butler, and the Detroit Bass Day Team, One Band Global presented a tribute to the legendary James Jamerson that rumbled through Detroit and the Bass Community world wide. The success sparked an annual event that has continued to celebrate the importance of Bass as the driving force in the music we appreciate and groove to. Detroit Bass Day is an annual celebration of the realization that Detroit produces some of the most influential and accomplished bass players in the world.