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Bass player David Pastorius announces his new full-length album RADIO GOLD recorded at Studio 101 in Melbourne, FL.

Melbourne, FL - David Pastorius is excited to announce the release of his latest studio album titled Radio Gold, available on now and available everywhere March, 15 2019.

Radio Gold is a fusion of alternative and instrumental genres, with 14 tracks in total, 3 with vocals and 11 instrumental. In addition to David’s writing on every song, Radio Gold features writing from Italian Plush (Supersonic), NDGO Blaq (Got It Good), Al Brodeur (Supersonic, The Chase) and Wisney Fernandez (Fake News).

Radio Gold also features notable musicians including Pat Travers (Pit Bike), Tom Allen (Rojas), David K. Mathews (Rojas), Michel Laredo aka MOMO (Supersonic), Carl Lewis (Thunderfoot, Radio Gold), James Culliver (Got It Good), Vinnie Marshall (Got It Good), Al Brodeur (Snake Pliskin, Candlebox, Nikoa, Shooting Star) and Alex Petrosky playing Drums on every track.

David Pastorius has toured and performed with Pat Travers, Tech N9ne, Eric Gales, Kirk Hammet of Metallica and Steven Perkins of Janes Addiction.

“David is helping bring the bass into the future! His style completely salutes his heroes while carving out a sound all his own, with great groove and melodic finesse!”

- CODY WRIGHT, Bass Guitarist

“Excellente! David is ripping it up, the sky's the limit. I love it.”


“Glad to hear some good bass pocket playing!”

-BUNNY BRUNEL, Bass Guitarist

“When he gets to slapping—and boy, does he ever —it’s as if Flea’s hand was landing on Marcus’s bass.”

-BRYAN BELLER, Bass Player, Metalocalypse

“I just got a sneak peek of the David Pastorius album and it is so bad ass! Proud to have played on it with my buddy David K Mathews . Go get this wonderful album, it has something for everyone and David is one of the best musicians on the planet folks. Way to go David.”

-TOM ALLEN, Guitarist

Remember all the jokes they make about bass players? Well this is not one of them. David Pastorius takes bass playing to a new level, making it the leading instrument and the driving force behind his music. His fusion of jazz, funk, pop, rock and latin is truly his own. A tenacious and relentless beat that won’t stay in the background but crawls through your ears into your brain until you are hooked. David is a bass sensation, a master of his sound, and most likely the best musician I have encountered.

-HEIKE CLARKE, Brevard Live

Radio Gold, it’s pretty bad-ass. Had the pleasure of meeting and watching David perform with Pat Travers on the Monsters of Rock Cruise. What a mind-blowing experience! Such a killer groove! Check his CD out!!

-KEVIN FIGUEIREDO, Drummer, Extreme