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The rising band on the Brazilian scene DAGA releases the single "Name ´N Shame". Along with the single, the band releases the music video produced by Caike Scheffer with exclusive images captured during the presentation on the Kiss Club program.

Produced by André Perucci at Milla Studios, "Name ´N Shame" brings a range of new influences, incorporating characteristics of different styles of metal to even out the intensity and create a unique and characteristic DAGA sound.

“The song is a social criticism about people that use religion and faith to justify things they do wrong” stated the bass player Gui Peruci. “This is our most commercial song to date, although the track is more technical, where the bass and lead guitar are in the same tune, staggered and chromatic. It's a song with a very interesting structure where the bass guitar recreates the guitar lines but does also create its own. It is a very articulated and pleasant song to play.”

Born in São Paulo, with a rock soul and authorship, the band DAGA was formed in mid-2020, with the contours of the strength and union that music brings. Joining Alessandro Bernard (Vocal), Gui Peruci (Bass), André Perucci (Guitar) and Yuri Alexander (Drums), they continue in search of excellence, developing musical, visual and communicative experiences. 

With this initial projection, 2021 brought inspirations and challenges: several compositions, seven of which have already been presented to the public, videos and audiovisual projects developed as a fluid and harmonic compass. The release took place via digital platforms with “Fever”, the band's first single and music video, where the rhythm, grit and cadence full of strength were evident, marking recognition on the national scene.

Defined by presenters Marcel and Paul Martins (Kiss FM) as “one of the greatest revelations of 2021” and extolled as a “great promise of national rock within the style”, DAGA made its stage debut on September 10, 2021 to more than 6,000 people during live broadcast, simultaneously broadcast to an average of 64,000 listeners per minute.

With continuously increasing numbers, the performance is positioned as the live broadcast with the highest numbers of the entire 2021 season of KISS CLUB, which received figures such as Torture Squad, Ratos de Porão e Krisiun.

For more about DAGA, visit the official channels: Facebook, InstagramYouTube