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"Interstellar" the new single from Corey McCormick's band Organa is their first release of 2022 is about to be unveiled worldwide. Established in late 2016 by bassist/vocalist McCormick, lead vocalist/ percussionist Gabe Velasquez, and guitarist Nick Lewis, Organa is an eclectic mix of funk, soul, rock, and jazz. These three gentlemen came together to fulfill their need to make art that tells a story and also makes you move.

The initial music for "Interstellar" was written by Nick and Corey. It was an instrumental track at first and was placed in a shared folder between the band. While watching the first manned Space X flight launch into space, Gabe happened to have the track open and playing. Inspired by the idea of private space exploration, he penned the lyrics and the melody. The song quickly took shape and Corey, using his expertise and the help of his studio mate Mark V, gave the song a lush production to finish it off.

Stay tuned to hear the track here on February 18th. 

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