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Coop A Loop is the solo project of Philadelphia bass virtuoso Eric Cooper, but let’s just call him Coop. After years of bringing bouncy funk and deep pocket to ensembles across the globe, Coop has brandished a looper and become the ensemble itself, maintaining a focus on songcraft and timbral variety that defies any expectation set up by the phrase “looping bass player.”

After releasing his debut solo album, Coop a Loop: The Album! in October 2020, he has just released a brand new album, Pajama Jams Vol. 1. This album was recorded live with just Coop, his bass, his loop station and effects pedals. In addition to being released as an album, he is releasing a live video for every song on the project to create a video album.

"The songs were filmed and recorded in front of a green screen, and in collaboration with local professional filmmaker Will Drinker, we have created a video album with beautiful visuals and special effects that really bring the songs to life. All of the songs on this project were written in 2020 during the pandemic, so it is a very special collection of music that goes through the many different emotions that were felt throughout a very emotional and wavering year."

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