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Chris Wyse has presented a new video tied to his band OWL. Wyse is an innovative composer and artist, recognized as one of the few who performs with an upright bass in the world of rock. Owl plans to release a collection of new music bundled with a t-shirt and other items in the coming months. On the release of “Embryo” and “Children of the Grave” Wyse, offers, “Sabbath is one of my great influences. Playing bass on one of Ozzy’s records, and being in the room hearing his voice in an intimate setting, inspired me to cut these tracks. “

Chris Wyse (vocals / bass), Dan Dinsmore (drums / The Clay People), and Eric Bradley (guitar) are OWL. Wyse and Dinsmore have a history of collaborating in bands as far back as high school. Eric Bradley and Wyse hit it off as members of the Jerry Cantrell band and have been friends ever since. Wyse approaches the performances utilizing his stand-up bass and bow. He offers, “We had a lot of fun covering one of the most epic of Black Sabbath songs. It really came to life when I layered bowed bass on top of the track. Dans drums are pounding. Eric’s guitar is screaming and it was magic singing and harmonizing with him. This song is truly a beast with the perfect intro ‘Embryo’ and a haunting spooky outro."

Wyse is member of Hollywood Vampires alongside Alice Copper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp, Tommy Henriksen, Glen Sobel and Buck Johnson. He has recorded and played with a vast universe of artists including Ace Frehley, Ozzy, The Cult, Jerry Cantrell, Scott Weiland, Tal Bachman, and many more. Wyse is also working on a comic book and solo album that will be titled Wyse. 

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