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Renowned bassist Chip Shearin has announced that he is wrapping up work on his upcoming new album, which features a slew of impressive collaborators. Shearin is best known for his work with Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Faith Evans, Michael Bolton, George Howard, and also for his playing on the iconic 1979 hit "Rapper's Delight" by Sugarhill Gang.

Shearing has launched a campaign for the album where fans can purchase deluxe editions of the record, and even a private solo performance from the bassist himself. 

From Shearin: About to complete my latest CD. This project features some amazing performances from some of your favorite artist, and finally we are just steps away from releasing.

This past year really altered how our industry works! It surely altered my ability to work, and many continue to struggle to get back on their feet. As President of the National Black Musicians Coalition we strive to educate our members on the need to embrace this change thru community support. Without it, the difficulty will continue. This project would have never come together if not for the combined efforts of so many of my musical friends. It clearly reflects the love and support it takes to pull thru the worlds most challenging time. Tons of painstaking hours in production, unimaginable obstacles but we kept pushing and praying to get thru. I can't wait for you to experience this amazing collection if music. It's the most important work of my career. Guest appearances from Marion Meadows, Gorden Campbell, Aaron Spears, Kat Dyson, Paul Jackson Jr, Chip Crawford, Tevon Pennicot, Malcolm Jahmal Warner, Chris Johnson, Shaun Martin, Gospel Icon John P Kee! It truly reflects the moment!

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