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Things have been going fast for the young musician in the last year. After winning the Prix de la Relève LOJIQ of the Festi Jazz International of Rimouski, releasing his first album Fantosme, co-produced with the great Michel Cusson, earning a nomination at ADISQ for best jazz album of the year and receiving the title Jazz Revelation 2020-2021 by Radio-Canada, the bassist Carl Mayotte is releasing an explosive new album: Pop de Ville Vol.1.

What is Pop de ville?

Mixing different musical styles, Carl Mayotte’s new album is a tribute to City Pop, a Japanese musical genre that blends jazz fusion to the 80’s pop music, creating a unique mix between accessible and intellectual music. With a groove that has no limits, the creativity of the compositions will surprise you. The artist’s goal with this opus was definitely to create the perfect album for long car drive.

For this second album, the compositor is playing once again with his quintet of young talents, and is adding many famous guests to it, such as the percussionist Luc Boivin and the Swedish keyboard player Lalle Larsson. With this new project, the young sensation of the Quebec jazz scene brings his musical universe to new boundaries, showing that jazz is more than ever alive.

In Pop de ville, Carl is accompanied by young musicians of great talent: Gabriel Cyr (guitar), Damien-Jade Cyr (saxophones), Francis Grégoire(keys), Stéphane Chamberland (drums) and Rémi Cormier (trumpet). He also had the chance be joined by some famous and extraordinary musicians from the Quebec jazz scene and from around the world, such as Luc Boivin(percussions), Lalle Larrson (keys) and Lévy Bourbonnais (harmonica). With all these incredible talents, he presents you a second album filled with tasty solos, virtuosity and groove.

About Carl Mayotte:

Carl Mayotte's name has been well known in the Quebec music scene for many years. He has been playing in festivals, events, and bars since he was 16 years old. Carl, who is now based in Montreal, is one of the most important young musicians from Quebec.

With his numerous projects and more importantly with his quintet, Carl has toured in Quebec as well as in France. Musician and composer, Carl has also worked as an arranger for Chloé St-Marie's symphonic orchestra and for choruses around Quebec City. Moreover, he has produced many albums in the last few years, especially his first solo album Fantosme, released in September 2019 and co-produced by Michel Cusson

Carl has a bachelor from Laval University in Jazz Interpretation as well as a master in Jazz Interpretation from McGill University.

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