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Corey Britz, the bassist of iconic multiplatinum rock band BUSH, has today released his debut solo track “Humans.” It marks the first track to be released off his upcoming full length album, due later this year.

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“When I wrote ‘Humans’ last year, the lyrics were intended to be a metaphor comparing an apocalypse to emotional isolationism,” said Britz. “In 2020, that metaphor seems to resonate even stronger as we trudge through the age of social distancing and inherent loneliness. Humans are social creatures. You can’t lift someone up without touching them, both literally and figuratively.”

“Humans” was written with Keith Jeffery from Atlas Genius, and co-produced by Britz and Travis Ference (Imagine Dragons, John Mayer, The Night Game). It features Justin Derrico (P!nk, Robin Thicke, The Calling) on guitar and Nik Hughes (BUSH, Bishop Briggs, Andy Grammer, Youngblood Hawke) on drums.

Though more at home in the shadows in support of his notable peers, Britz has stepped into the light with something to say. Honest, raw, and timely, “Humans” is a battle cry for the proverbially alone.


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