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Felipe Andreoli is a Brazilian bass player, born in São Paulo. He is a member of the internationally renowned band Angra, as well as Kiko Loureiro’s solo group and instrumental quartet 4Action, among other projects. He has recorded numerous albums and made several world tours that went through more than 30 countries, in addition to constantly conducting workshops and masterclasses.

After years of dedicated to these and several other projects, he found, in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, the time and energy to finally dedicate himself to his own music. His first solo album, Resonance, is an old dream come true, and represents a great achievement, as it is an album that shows like no other who Felipe is as an artist, composer, bassist and producer. The idea was to create an album where the bass is highly valued, but not the only voice, so that anyone, bassist or not, musician or not, can enjoy and connect with the songs. The style ranges between Prog and Fusion, with plenty of room for dynamics, ambiences, improvisation, heaviness and virtuosity. In almost 30 years as a bass player and composer, it is clear that Felipe learned to dose these elements in order to serve the music.

The writing process began in July 2020 and was the second big birth that year, second only to the birth of Leo, his first child, in April. Amidst all the challenges humanity has been facing in the pandemic, these two children came to life in the same year. The songs carry the inspiration, emotions and feelings of this moment, and are also the soundtrack of the birth of his second child, Henrique, who will arrive shortly after the album’s release.

Just as the lows of the bass resonate and move the air with sound pressure, so can words and attitudes resonate with people when frequencies line up. The word Resonance takes on this meaning, evoking images, memories and emotions. The music brings together all these properties, and this is what Felipe strived for in each song on the album.

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