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Emerging pop starlet Elise Eriksen has released her new single “Smile.” The stripped-back, powerful ballad was co-written by Sasha Sloan (Charli XCX, Camila Cabello, Anne-Marie, Katy Perry). Showing a different side to Elise, who also plays piano on the track, "Smile" speaks to putting on a façade and smiling even though you’re not okay.

“‘Smile’ is about putting on a façade and trying to seem happy even when you’re not,” says Elise on the inspiration behind the song. “As a teenager, I really connected with the idea of feeling like you can’t always be completely yourself, which I think is something that a lot of people experience. I want to speak about things that are meaningful. It felt important to put out something that will leave people feeling more in touch with themselves but also more hopeful and uplifted, especially because it has been such a tough year.”

“Smile” follows the recent release of Elise’s debut single “Less,” which was co-written by multi-platinum-selling songwriter Julia Michaels and features both Shoffy and Blu DeTiger. Already racking up close to a million streams, “Less” saw its shimmering, up-tempo beats and Elise’s radiant, jazz-infused vocals featured on key pop playlists worldwide, including Spotify’s global New Music Friday playlists, Fresh & Chill, Apple’s Pop Deluxe, and many more. The track is also featured on a large billboard in Los Angeles and has received radio play around the world including multiple spins on BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2 - the biggest radio stations in Europe.

Taking shape after a moment of bold determination, Elise threw herself into reimagining an early version of “Less” after hearing her father, GRAMMY-winning producer Mikkel Eriksen, toying with it in the studio. Using her near-encyclopedic knowledge of music history and first-hand experience of watching the world’s biggest stars in the studio, Elise transformed “Less” into a shimmering sliver of timeless pop perfection with Julia Michaels’ blessing and attracted collaborators in Blu DeTiger and indie sensation Shoffy. 

Originally from Norway, Elise moved to New York City soon after discovering her love for singing and is now based in Los Angeles. Learning over the years what it takes to make a perfect pop song, Elise is the daughter of one half of uber-producers Stargate(Rihanna, Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Coldplay) and grew up in the studio surrounded by the world’s top artists and songwriters. Embracing the uncompromising work ethic she grew up surrounded by, Elise devoted years to playing the piano and honing her craft before experimenting with writing songs of her own. Inspired by artists as eclectic as Stevie Nicks, Alicia Keys, Don Toliver, Pink Floyd, and Etta James, the seventeen-year-old’s dynamic musical imagination and sharp musical instincts reflect her endless creative curiosity and a deep commitment to her artistic growth. 

With more music to come and a big year ahead of her, Elise is uplifting listeners through her own form of emotionally honest yet seemingly carefree pop.

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