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Snarky Puppy is hard to define... a Grammy Award Winning Jazz Band, Horn Band, Funk Band, Rock Band, Instrumental Band, Vocal Band...?
This collective of many GREAT musicians has permeated the global music scene with progressive and forward thinking writing while remaining deeply rooted in tradition.
Founded in 2003, Michael League's recipe for a bus-load of virtuosi has made many of is rethink where music is headed. 

Nov 18, 2020 03:00 PM EST

What are they up to?
What are they practicing?
What is their advice to students?
What was their path to success?
What can we all collaborate on to help get thru COVID?
Hosted by Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey

Snarky Puppy Nov 18th 2020 v3 jpg

For the last 17 years, Snarky Puppy has been dedicating itself to music education and outreach. From Grammy-winning albums benefitting music education centers to hundreds of masterclasses across five continents to hosting public roundtable discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion, the band and its surrounding community, GroundUP Music, recognize the effect that music can have in shaping our lives for the better. The newly-formed GroundUP Music Foundation is the fulfillment of a long-term vision, to crystallize what our community has been doing for almost two decades and allow it to reach more people in need than ever before. 

All donations from Snarky Puppy's Berklee Webinar will be split evenly amongst the band members. All donations are tax deductible and any amount is appreciated. Thank you for your continuous love and support for our community. 

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