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Sonic Camera Records will release Moments Outside, a 24-minute freely improvised companion piece to the critically acclaimed album Moments Inside(Sonic Camera Records, 2021) by bassist, composer, producer Ben Allison on February 15, 2022. The track will be available in 320k mp3, and 24-bit FLAC formats, as well as on streaming services worldwide. 

Moments Outside features the collective improvisations of Ben Allison (bass), Chico Pinheiro (guitar), Steve Cardenas (guitar), and Allan Mednard (drums). Recorded during the same session that produced the album Moments Inside, this track is unedited - a spontaneous musical conversation that wasn’t planned or discussed in advance. It manifests as a suite, with moments of flux resolving into passages of group cohesion and rapport. 

Moments Outside was recorded at Maggie’s Farm on June 24, 2021 by Matt Balitsaris, and mixed and mastered by Ben Allison.

Says Ben, “At every recording session I’ve ever done, dating back to the mid 1990s, I’ve carved out time at the end of the session to record some completely improvised music. The idea is simply to dive in – with no discussion of tempo, key or form, no preconceptions of any kind. To me, this feels like a very good way to end a recording session, a chance to reflect on what we’ve just recorded. It's often the case that what comes out are deconstructions of the tunes that we just recorded, with pieces of the melodies, harmonies and grooves providing jumping off points for further exploration. Through the years, I’ve included a few of these tracks on my albums. For example, on Layers of the City, there’s a track titled “Get Me Offa This Thing,” which is a fully improvised piece. But, more often, I include just fragments of these improvisations, thinking of them as vignettes or short film cues.

This time, something amazing happened. What we got was 24 minutes of what feels like a completely realized, fully formed piece of music that's beautiful from start to finish. It sounds a like a suite, with each “tune” running into the next, following a train of collective thought. Releasing this track is an experiment for me, but I hope people take the time to listen all the way through, to let the music unfold just as it did for us.”

Moments Outside is the fifth release by Ben Allison’s Sonic Camera Records label, following Moments Inside (2021), Quiet Revolution(2018), Layers of the City (2017), and The Stars Look Very Different Today (2013)