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Jazz bassist Ben Allison has unveiled his latest album with Moments Inside, which was released on November 4th on Sonic Camera Records. Featuring Allison's quartet, the album features 8 new tracks all arranged by the bassist/composer. 

“As I sat quietly writing the music for this album, letting the ideas come to me, picking up on threads and seeing where they lead, I was expecting the music to echo the pain, anger, and sorrow that was all around. I was surprised to find that it didn’t. The music that emerged was optimistic and peaceful. Now that I think about it, I wasn’t writing what I was feeling. Instead, I was writing what I needed.” — Ben Allison, NYC, September 2021

Ben Allison (acoustic & electric bass)

Chico Pinheiro (acoustic & electric guitar)

Steve Cardenas (acoustic & electric guitar)

Allan Mednard (drums & percussion)

Recorded by Matt Balitsaris, Maggie’s Farm, June 23-24, 2021

Mixed and Mastered by Ben Allison, NYC, July 2021

Produced by Ben Allison for Sonic Camera Records

Associate Produced by Matt Balitsaris, Steve Cardenas

All compositions and arrangements by Ben Allison, Sonic Camera/SESAC except "House Party Starting" by Herbie Nichols, arranged by Ben Allison

Cover art and design by Ben Allison

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