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What do Japanese anime, double bass, harp and contemporary classical music have in common?

So far, little or nothing; in April 2022, however, an entire album will redefine these bonds, the first ever record for an established harp and double bass duo.


Rūtsu (ルーツ, Japanese katakana alphabet) means “roots”. The CD explores the deep connections between the influences of Japanese art on Western culture and vice versa.

Taking the Japanese composer Miaygi(1900) as a starting point, the album explores the sonic worlds of Ravel, Stravinsky and Puccini to make landfall on contemporary compositions, notably that of M. Hirano (famous for his soundtracks, such as "Death note") who has composed a wildly elegant elegy dedicated to the duo The Girls in The Magnesium Dress, the main characters in this recording project. Ergo, Rūtsu represents a turning point in the contemporary chamber music world, taking inspiration from the cultural revolution the string quartet experienced during the 18th century, especially for the figure of Luigi Boccherini.


Anna and Valentina, respectively from Cuneo and Lucca, Italy, live and work abroad, sharing their art with feverish passion. Last but not least, a special bonus track from a composer we can surely consider Valentina's lodestar, so much as to have inspired the fundamental idea of the project with the famous phrase:

"Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible" - F.Zappa

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