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With Lonely Poet the Axel Kühn Trio releases its fourth album. In keeping with the allegory of the lonely poet, the trio's music is more lyrical than in past days. Each tone conveys a maximum of expressiveness and meaning. The trio, consisting of Axel Kühn (double bass), Ull Möck (piano) and Eckhard Stromer (drums), always supports each other and acts like a perfectly coordinated organism. Through their many years of cooperation, they have grown together into a strong musical unit. 

Despite the lyrical approach, their music is powerfully grooving, full of energy and filled with seemingly inexhaustible creativity. The Axel Kühn Trio continues on the path they have already taken on their previous albums and remains true to their special mixture of jazz, pop, rock and world music. 


Lonely Poet contains 8 original compositions on different topics. Pieces like "Passing Heroes" or "Waltz for Chick" pay homage to dead jazz giants. "Mali" is inspired by a stay on the Croatian island of Losinj and with "Like a Storm" the name says it all. "Unknown Destination" describes the spontaneity of jazz in general. Due to the improvisation, it is sometimes completely open in which direction a piece is moving. The result is an interaction of musicians, space, time and audience, which creates unique, unrepeatable moments. The Axel Kühn Trio also knows how to take their listeners on an exciting journey with many moments of surprise and an open goal, creating an album of great emotional luminosity. 

Axel Kühn - double bass 

Ull Moeck - piano 

Eckhard Stromer - drums 

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