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Having Turkish-Egyptian family roots and being raised in Dubai at the Arabian-Persian Gulf then moving to Cairo at the Mediterranean and the Red Sea were enough reasons to create a musician like Ahmad.. saturated and familiar with varied cultures.

Starting playing the bass at the age of 20 was kind of a blessing for him as the self taught musician started to explore the instrument and finding his own way of playing and expressing his musical ideas and life experiences that he already had. In traveling the world he has performed more than 5000 concerts, TV shows, and workshops in more than 30 countries and is currently living between Turkey and Europe. Ahmad's diversified musical ideas were pied with more different colors and flavors.

On his latest album, Ahmad wrote this compositions in a 12 year-span.
He started to compose his first piece "Hazelcut" back in 2007 and finished the last peice "Al-Ohanzee" in 2019. He wanted to make sure that each note in this album will be coming from his very self.
When he realised that those compositions are ready, he and the Dutch label "TRPTK" decided to create this album together.

The album is a solo bass album and it contains nine compositions all composed and performed by Ahmad. Recorded and mastered in TRPTK studios in Utrecht, Netherlands by Brendon Heinst. Brendon used 3 mics and 1 Output line to get the sound of the bass as him and Ahmad imagined..and it was!

This album has no improvisation–all parts of all the compositions were written. There is no usage of any kind of tapping or slapping techniques either. No looping.. no overdubbing.. just pure raw acoustic fretless bass in a solo act!

Ahmad says about his album, "In spite of all the intensity those compositions could be holding.. they do stream in harmony and never interfere. They seem so different one to another ..yet they were created by the same soul.. born in the same heart.. carried by the same!" 

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