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Follow bassist to the stars and songstress Abby Travis as she roams the terrain of iconic musical guests in this conversational vérité podcast.

Listen to the podcast: HERE

Musician Abby Travis, a native Los Angeleno, is known mainly for her work as a bassist and solo artist.

Abby has toured and/or recorded with a monster array of talent, including: The Go-Go’s, Cher, Beck, Eagles of Death Metal, Masters of Reality, KMFDM, The Bangles, Elastica, and Farflung (to name a few).

She has four critically acclaimed full length solo releases: The Abby Travis Foundation, Cutthroat Standards & Black Pop, Glittermouth, and IV. Her current art-core duo band Sumo Princess released two singles in 2018. Look for Sumo Princess’ first full length release in 2019 on Ruined Vibes Records.

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