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If you happened to be watching the 63rd Grammy Awards last week, there was probably something that caught your eye during Maren Morris' performance of "The Bones" featuring John Mayer. If you're a bass player, and we're guessing you are, then you most likely looked beyond the fact that superstars Morris and Mayer were on stage together absolutely killing it, and instead focused your attention on the bass that Annie Clements was playing (who was also killing it). 

Maren Morris and Annie Clements with her "Bass of the Future" 

Maren Morris and Annie Clements with her "Bass of the Future" 

That Jazz Bass/synth bass hybrid is a creation that Clements herself put together in order to be able to easily play both instruments while also singing and executing her stage kicks. In this clip, Clements gives an inside look at her creation and breaks down how she built it and how she uses it. 

From Clements: Here's the breakdown of my electric bass/synth combo I lovingly call "The Annie Clements Bass of the Future." As seen on the GRAMMY's 2021 with Maren Morris and John Mayer, along with several other award shows and late night appearances, this is a tour of how the bass works and how it was built.

And here's the clip of the performance: 

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