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In this video Ahmad Hani explains his method of fusing the Raag Shree with famous jazz progressions such as the minor blues and the 2-5-1 progression.

Having Turkish-Egyptian family roots, being raised in Dubai and then moving to Cairo, Hani at a young age got familiar with many different cultures. And the ability to absorb different mindsets and traditions has become one of Hani's trademarks.

He started playing bass at the age of 21. Being self taught he developed his own way of playing and expressing his musical ideas, which is one of the reasons why he is a widely used bassist and a successful composer. Also he masters a tremendous amount of genres, and uses different play styles and traditions in a truly remarkable way - both in his compositions as well in playing with others -adding new inspiring flavors to music all over the world.

His career includes performing and recording with many famous Arabic pop artists such as Hisham Abbas, Angham and Abbas Ibrahim. He has also worked with Cairo Symphony Orchestra and played with many international musicians and projects, including Taranta Power & Eugenio Bennato, Peter Lipa and Trygve Seim. To this day he has done more than 5000 concerts, TV-shows and workshops in 25 countries.

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