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Aguilar Amplification, maker of high-quality amplifiers, speaker cabinets, pickups and effects pedals for bassists is pleased to announce the addition of bassist Etienne Mbappé to their family of endorsing artists.

Hailing from Cameroon, bassist and composer, Etienne Mbappé is known for his highly melodic style which has graced albums from esteemed artists such as the Joe Zawinal Syndicate, Robben Ford, and the Grammy-winning John McLaughlin & The 4 Dimension. Mbappé has also released three excellent albums as a bandleader as well as the debut of his own band, Etienne Mbappé & The Prophets.

Mbappé is using the celebrated AG 700 amplifier with two SL 410x cabinets as well as Aguilar’s AG 5M/J-HC pickups. Of his Aguilar rig, Mbappé states; “I’ve finally found that little something, that little ‘je ne sais quoi’, I for so many years have been looking for!!!!! Now, come what will.... I am ready!”

Aguilar Amplification is a manufacturer of high quality bass amplification, pickups, preamps and effects pedals located in NYC. Many of the world's greatest musicians have chosen to use Aguilar. Our list of endorsers includes Rhonda Smith (Jeff Beck), Sharlee D’Angelo (Arch Enemy), Tully Kennedy (Jason Aldean), Adam Nitti (Stephen Curtis Chapman), Ashley Reeve (Cher) and Oscar Stagnaro (Paquito D’Rivera).

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