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Horror Films and Sunday School is the product of an eight month solo road trip that took place shortly after Gibson lost his mother to cancer and his son’s best friend to a drug interaction. The songs convey both the pain of loss and humor in the face of bitterness, while the album finds Gibson and Bronzini in a focused narrative; storytelling through melody, motif, progressive bass playing, and intimate vocals that are woven together with masterful string arrangements.

The songs have a singer-songwriter vibe that was inspired by Jesca Hoop, Ray LaMontagne, Tom Waits and Peter Gabriel, but is rooted around Aaron’s driving electric bass with classical twists that are both dramatic and delicate and features the Amaranth Quartet, Baeilou, Steve Lawson, Jason Everett and Talitha Gibson.

“It’s beyond what anyone in the genre is doing. He manages to tell a story with his voice and rhythms that keep you on the edge of your seat. - Nicolas Golder (bassist for Neyla Pekarek)

“I'm a big fan of Aaron's music already - his take on the micro-niche of bass playing singersongwriter is utterly compelling and beautiful, and the love, attention and hard work that have gone into this album have really paid off. It's extraordinary, and it's going to be on regular rotation for months to come” - Steve Lawson (the UK’s most celebrated solo bassist)