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Hot off the heels of his triumphant return to European soil for his first Euro tour since recovering from his battle with cancer, Tony MacAlpine now pivots for what is sure to be a monumental extended run through North America. With a schedule that spans nearly two whole months, both the YES Cruise to the Edge and the Monsters of Rock Cruise, and a band line-up that is unparalleled; this is one for the ages and not to be missed.


Returning on drums is the familiar face MacAlpine fans have grown to know and love for the past two years from multiple tours. Gergo Borlai is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in the drumming community, and is on the very short list of modern-day virtuosos that command a room by his mere presence. With his forever-tasteful interpretations of Tony’s classics to his organic creations on the most recent record, “Death of Roses”, Borlai challenges and stretches the listener, while simultaneously presenting the material in an intense, yet approachable manner. Borlai is not only the natural choice, but the only choice. Gergo endorses: Gretsch, Paiste, DW pedals and hardware, Remo heads, Vic Firth, Slap Katz, Gewa, Drum Wallet, Audio-Technica, Jerry Harvey Audio, Sansha, and Dunnett products. Gergo is active on all social media platforms. More info on his catalog and career can be found at:

Solidifying the rhythm section and locking in perfectly with Borlai is bassist extraordinaire Steve Jenkins. As an integral part of the new-wave of modern electronic bass players, versatility and expertise have become synonymous with the mention of his name. One look at his length list of A-listers he has worked with in the past is enough to make your eye-brows rise. He has toured, performed, or recorded with the likes of: Vernon Reid, Screaming Headless Torsos, David Fiuczynski, Stimpy Lockjaw, Alex Skolnick, Josh Smith, Thomas Pridgen, Victor Wooten, Hiromi Uehara, Keith Carlock, Cindy Blackman Santana, and Gene Lake to only name a few. In addition to his musical prowess, his ability as an educator to break things down to a digestible level for whatever audience is extremely impressive. In addition to teaching private lessons on his own, he has taught masterclasses all over the world as well as online as an instructor at He’s also been an instructor at Berklee College of Music’s BassLines Summer Program (now called the Victor Wooten Summer Bass Workshop) and an artist-in-residence at the Bass Collective in NYC. The thought of Steve being a part of this ensemble is both exhilarating and terrifying in only the best of ways! This rhythm section is sure to be unrivaled. Steve Jenkins proudly endorses: Aguilar Amplification, Brubaker Basses, and Jim Dunlop/MXR pedals and strings. You can learn more about Steve’s catalog, solo career, and all things pertinent at:

Rounding out the lineup with a second guitarist was not only a daunting task, but one of the utmost importance to preserving the integrity of the vast catalog Tony has built and the live experience the fans deserve. When schedules allowed it, and the connection was made, there was none other than modern-era virtuoso Emil Werstler who fit the role perfectly. Emil has carved his place in the modern guitar scene as co-writer and lead guitarist for metal pioneers Daath and Levi/Werstler (with producer Eyal Levi and Sean Reinert of Cynic), being lead guitarist for Chimaira for years, as well as being one of Paul Reed Smith Guitars’ most coveted clinicians. There are few players who have inspired so many successful guitarists as Emil Werstler. With all of the above-mentioned highlights, however, his biggest thumbprint on modern guitar came with the release of his solo project, “”Verlorener”. Creating soundscapes alongside keyboardist/composer Eric Guenther of The Contortionist, Werstler has ascended into uncharted ranks that rivals coveted composers such as Zappa and Govan. To have a guitarist that not only complements MacAlpine, but also pushes the envelope of the imagination. Emil endorses: PRS Guitars and Bogner Amplification. For more on all things Emil, head over to: www.